Note home - The History of Me

Hi Everyone,

The children were given the following note and questionnaire today.

We would appreciate if you could have the pictures and questionnaire in by Monday 18th September.

Have a nice day,



Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have now finished our first full week of Junior Infants, and what a great week it has been! We are pleased to say that the children have all settled in very well, and are getting used to their new routines.
As part of the Junior Infants S.E.S.E. (History, Geography, Science) and S.P.H.E. (Social, Personal and Health Education) curriculums, we will be covering the themes of Myself and My Family. Although official homework won’t start for another two weeks, we have a little project we would like you to complete with your child this week. In your child’s schoolbag is a ‘History of Me’ worksheet. We would be very grateful if you could sit down with your child this week for 15 minutes and discuss the questions with them. Jot down the answers and your child can help draw some of the pictures!
Also, we would appreciate if each child could bring in a photograph of themselves as a baby and as a toddler.
If they could have all of this in their schoolbags by next Monday 18th September, that would be great.
If, at any stage you need to contact the Junior Infant teachers, our emails are as follows:
Please check the class blogs on the school website for updates!

Many thanks for your help,
Becky and Julie


The History of Me!

Can you please chat about these questions with your child and fill in an answer?

1.     I was born on this date: ____________________________________

2.    The city and country I was born in were: ________________________

3.    I was _____________________________ when I took my first steps.

4.    Here is a drawing of a toy I used to love as a baby.

5.    Some places I have been to on holiday with my family are: ______________________________________________________.My favourite place I have been to is ___________________________.

6.    These are the homes I have lived in:

7.    These are some things I can do now that I couldn’t do as a baby.


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