Values - Buddy the Bear

Since September in Learn Together we have been learning all about values and morals.
The values we have been learning about are; Respect, Responsibility, Courage,   Honesty, Gratitude, Love.
Each night the children will get a chance to bring Buddy home with them to practice these values at home.

You can show Buddy respect by taking care of him and making sure he does not get damaged.

You will be responsible for Buddy and will have to make sure he goes home and comes back into school the next day.

If you have any worries or fears, you can share them with Buddy, he is a great listener.

You and Buddy can tell your family what it means to be honest.

You can tell Buddy 3 things you are grateful for that day.

You can show Buddy lots of love and care when he is in your home.

You can also send in some pictures to Becky for the blog if you get a chance!


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