Homework 16th - 20th April


-Handwriting Book i and e
-Reading 'What am I?'
-Matching ed and et rhyming words
-Tricky word - they 

(You can do this homework in any order)

'What am I?' Book

The children are learning to read sentences. They know that each word is separated by a finger space and that a full stop at the end of a sentence indicates a short pause. 

While reading, please encourage your child to place their finger under each word as they read. The children should be able to use their blending skills to decode the words in this book. 

Please try to read this book at least twice during this week. 

The children can colour in the book if they wish.

There are extra 'a' words at the back of the book 

Handwriting - i and e

Try to stay inside the blue lines for both i and e as they are both small letters. Remember to use the correct pencil grip and correct formation. 

Draw a picture of something beginning with i and e at the top of the page.  

Matching worksheet

We have been learning about the 'ed' and 'et' rhyming families. Blend/Read the words and match them to the correct pictures. 

If you have any questions you can email me belmayneetbecky@gmail.com

Becky :-)


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